July 29
Medium's Workshop -
Bonnie red Basket
Water Blessing Ceremony
August 2

Medium's Workshop -
Bonnie Red Basket

Drum Circle
Healing of the Waters
August 3
Bonnie Red Basket
How to Energize Your Water 
11 AM - Noon
August 5

Medium's Workshop - Bobby Kitsios

Establishing the Communicator

August 9
Medium's Workshop - Bobby Kitsios
Establishing the Soul Essence
August 10
Bobby Kitsios

Exploring Mediumship 1 - 2:30 PM

August 12

Medium's Workshop - KathleenHoffman

The P's and Q's of Mediumship
August 16
Medium's Workshop - Kathleen Hoffman
Inspirational Speaking and Writing
with our Inspirational Guides
August 17
Kathleen Hoffman

Gong Bath & Meditation Using the Violet
Flame with Drumsinger   1-2:30 PM

August 19
Medium's Workshop - Susan Ferency
Healing Pyramid
August 23
Medium's Workshop - Susan Ferency


August 24
Susan Ferency
Trance Class 1 - 3 PM
August 26
Medium's Workshop - Tom Kearns
2019-2020 will be Challenging
but Powerful Years
August 30
Medium's Workshop - Stacy Kopchinski

Signs and Symbols

August 31
Stacy Kopchinski
Spiritualist Healing - the Ways,
Meanings and Training  1 - 4 PM

Pre-registration for Workshops appreciated but Walk-ins are Welcome!
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August 2019 Schedule of Events

Temple Service – Sunday 1:30-3:00PM and Tuesday/Thursday 7:00-8:30PM - Donation.
Message Circle – Wednesday and Saturday 7:00-8:30PM - $25     (Unless a Special Event is on Saturday)
Medium’s Workshops – Monday and Friday 7:00-8:30PM - $25​​

*****Please see Brochure for pricing of all events*****

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